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Inspiration means evolution:Channel your own creativity flow through my work with sculptures

Right in the centre of my work is the idea of further development: The curved forms of my sculptures represent ideas, memories and emotions. This language of form opens up countless individual design possibilities for my sculptures. So it is easy for me to let the impulses and ideas of my customers flow into the design process of my sculptures. 

Would you like to bring your personality or the company philosophy of your company into the works of art? In the detailed preliminary discussion, you can co-determine form, colour and materials of your made-to-measure production and thus chisel your ideas literally in stone – or in marble.

Tailor-made sculptures– works of art for eternity

  • Adjust size: The local effect of my figures depends to a large extent on the relationship between space and work. Thanks to modern technology, I am able to reproduce every work of art in detail and in any size.
  • Adapt form: Bring your creative ideas into the design of individual pieces. So you can reflect your corporate identity or personal impulses in the artwork.
  • Change material: Besides bronze, wood and plaster, I work with many other atmospheric materials. In order for the sculptures to fully blend into their surroundings and develop their aesthetic effect, they have to harmonize with the background. If materials such as marble, solid wood or plastic fit better into your spatial concept than bronze or wood, I will be happy to make exact replications made by your desired material.

Three-dimensional artaccording to your ideas

If you would like to be part of the process of creating the design language of your tailor-made figure, please send me a short request using the convenient contact form. The detailed preliminary discussion becomes part of the creative process: size, shape and material of my sculptures can be freely adapted to your premises. Before the technical realisation begins, you can let the resulting work of art take effect on you in a photomontage.

no idea yet? just send us a picture

and we use your dream sculpture for the optimal impression in your photo!

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