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About Rainer Haindl

Rainer Haindl’s artistic career is influenced and characterised by a wide variety of influences and experiences: An important basis of his creative artistic work today is his many years of experience as a master carpenter in the areas of furniture design, theatre and stage sceneries, as well as sceneries for film and television productions. He soon combined his compulsion for perfection in his carpentry work with a very pronounced artistic development – for example in his creation of wood sculptures from fruit and noble woods.

In particular his time-consuming working of olive woods led the artist to significantly expand his approach to design in his art. An element that is characteristic for his work are the organically flowing forms with a design language that is significantly oriented towards the change and growth in nature.

A concious expansion of the design diversity and the complexity of the design is something that Haindl achieved by using new working materials.

With the help of plaster and a new technology which he developed and designed himself, he was able to further refine his organically flowing designs and develop them in metal. With his finely-polished bronze sculptures, the artist has managed to break out of the technically-standardised frameworks and has been able to give his creativity in-depth expression in liberated forms. And his working style when doing so is always intuitive: The organically flowing forms “arise” from the natural conditions at the time of material processing. The high level of technical precision, the unique artistic design and the selection of high-quality materials give rise to sculptures of the highest quality and creativity, which are characterised by their highly-professional design.

The organic works of art that are being created here at the interface between art and design not only have an exceptional aesthetic radiance and charisma, but also encompass a highly demanding haptic character. As a consequence of the high material and processing quality, a tactile point of access opens up to the observer.

Rainer Haindl Werkstatt Galerie

Thus, contemporary ultra-modern architectural design becomes an artistic experience for all the senses. What is decisive for the effect and influence of the sculptures are the spatial dimensions of the place of exhibition.

It is something of great importance to the artist Rainer Haindl to bring his art into direct contact with the space of the observer.

That is why it is not only art galleries or large living spaces that are suitable places for his art, but also large presentations areas of companies and institutions. Thanks to modern technology, the artist is able to produce correspondingly large-dimensioned sculptures. If wanted, it is also possible to simulate the spatial effect in advance, as well as to integrate alternative materials upon request.

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